Top Geak Xmas 2017

December 23, 2017

Andy, AKA The Rev, formerly a contributor to our very own Who Wars and 1/3 of the original Diddly Dum lineup joins forces with a number of friends including author and another 1/3 of  the original Diddly Dum lineup, Al No, to talk about Star Wars The Last Jedi, a new Harry Potter exhibition, and the exclusive Doctor Who Twice Upon a Time screenings in the UK - one of which he attended. Throw in some music, banter and retro chat about the greatest presents Andy, Al, and Andy's mate Sean received in the 1980s, and you have the recipe for Christmas fun.

It's great to have Andy and friends back at Christmas and this forms the first in a trilogy of podcasts coming out this holiday season, which Rob briefly announces at the start of the show.