The Doctor Who Show

The Doctor Who Show S03 E05 – Queer Who

May 27, 2018

The third series of The Doctor Who Show continues with Rob and Dave discussing the very broad topic of how queerness has related to Doctor Who over the years.

Over the past month, on a variety of platforms they've asked listeners, what does that mean to you? Does Doctor Who have a disproportionately gay following? If so, why? And who are the LGBT characters (implicit or implied!) you’ve loved the most? Are there any you disliked?

Before taking on those questions - and a lot more - they do a quick whip around some recent Doctor Who news as well as what’s happening in their own fandom at present.

Hear about 500 episodes of classic Who coming to Twitch TV! Learn more about the upcoming James Godd novel, Doctor Who Meets Scratchman! How much did the first Doctor Who script recently sell for? And vale to Graham Strong, one of the most unsung, but important, figures in Doctor Who fandom. Plus a whole lot more!

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