The Night of the Doctor’s Music (The Doctor Who Show Presents: Doctor Who fan audio)

March 25, 2017

Hi everyone, Rob from the Doctor Who Show here.

When those two plucky lads from AM Audio Media -- Andrew Chalmers and MA Tamburro -- came to me with the idea of contributing a segment to the 15th episode of our flagship podcast (which has Doctor Who incidental music of the past 54 years as its theme), I suggested they could do something standalone for the podcast feed instead; both to preserve the idea Dave had for our show -- and just as importantly, to allow the AM Audio Media guys the space to do something with a run time of their choosing, rather than being squished into a small pocket on our show.

Well, they've delivered the goods and here it is.

With companions from The Grawlix Podcast in addition to Droids Canada, Geek Watch One, The Book Guys, Mighty Marvel Geeks, The Tangent Podcast, Gallifrey Stands, and Drinking In The Park, what we have here is a host of fan made audio, alongside fans talking about audio they've made and/or audio they've enjoyed. 

Thanks to the AM Audio team for making this. I never thought I'd EVER hear a rap about Doctor Who or a song about Timelash... but you've delivered. 

And fair warning for those of you who have gotten used to our show lengths over the past year, this is a long one, so maybe listen in parts, or on a long drive or walk...!

Happy times & places,


(Doctor Who and all related music copyright the BBC with musical credit to Ron Grainer, Delia Derbyshire, Peter Howell, Dominic Glynn, Keff McCulloch, John Debney, Murray Gold, The BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Music used under educational and fair usage rights, sourced from youtube, soundcloud and Whomix (