You and Who Talking 013

June 25, 2017

What you are about to hear is the story of a connection, a connection that was made between a television series and a viewer’s life.

The You and Who books are the story of that connection, as told by the people who watch the programmes that make us come alive. Chiefly, of course, Doctor Who.

This podcast will relate some of the stories from those books... and beyond.

In this episode:

Me and Who: A tale of the Radio Times Special, cassettes and Paris by Miles Northcott
Douglas finds the target: The Kamikaze sketch from The Burkiss Way by Stephen Hatcher

With an intermission featuring Rob Irwin talking to JR Southall.

The You and Who books, from which all royalties are paid to charity, are available in print and for Kindle, from

Find Rob on Twitter @theDWshow and JR on Twitter @JR_Southall