The Doctor Who Show

Who Wars: Rivers of London Special

July 15, 2015
00:00 Who Wars Network Ident

00:07 Introduction to the Rivers of London series by Andy @Skaromedia

London Calling cover by Olivia Vessel

03:36 Andy @Skaromedia speaks with Tom Bolton @teabolton a London waterways expert to find out just how much the fictitious river spirits in the Rivers of London series reflect their geographic inspirations.

14:28 Andy @Skaromedia speaks with Ben Aaronovitch @Ben_Aaronovitch Andrew Cartmel @andrewcartmel & Lee Sullivan @LeeSullivanArt about the Rivers of London series. For the Doctor Who fans in our audience, none of these three gentlemen will require any further introduction. If you are new to any of them, learn more about them at their sites below.

44:05 Andy @Skaromedia speaks with Betsy Chevron @BetsyChevron & Al No @TheMeandTheHim to discuss the Rivers of London comic. Is it a jumping on spot for newcomers or something better suited to existing readers of the novels?

54:28 Closing remarks by Andy @Skaromedia 

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