The Doctor Who Show S01 E08

August 28, 2016
0:00:00 Theme tune & Doctor Who chat with Rob @theDWshow and David @DkWedgetail

- Welcome to new co-host, David Kitchen who last appeared on the podcast in Episode 2. Learn about David's background with Doctor Who and within organised fandom.

- Listener email from Philip Bull. What did he make of Episode 7 of the show?

- Discussion of 'Class' - the Doctor Who spin-off that's almost upon us, yet how much do we really know about it even at this advanced stage? When's the trailer going to drop?

- Animated Power of the Daleks clip. If this footage isn't official, why does the BBC keep removing it from YouTube - even the footage-only videos with no soundtrack?

0:30:08 The Doctor Who A-Z - Part 7 'G' by Iain @theIainMartin

0:39:43 The Letter Lords - Jim @KrynoidPodCast & Bob @BoFleming discuss letters, texts and tweets sent to Doctor Who Magazine as well as the wider magazine itself

1:15:20 The TARDIS Library - Kevin @livewire1221 Twelfth Doctor Year Two #7 from Titan Comics @ComicsTitan

1:21:08 The TARDIS Library - Rob @theDWshow tells us where he's up to with the 12th Doctor New Series Adventure, Big Bang Generation by Gary Russell

1:30:36 Outro to the show by Rob @theDWshow 

1:32:23 Doctor Who: Dark Odyssey - Behind The Scenes

1:36:16 End Credits. Write to us at