This is the one (The DW Show Presents: Gallifrey One)

March 5, 2017

One of our TARDIS Library contributors, Mike Solko, attended the annual Gallifrey One convention at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott, February 17-19, 2017. Here, Rob sits down with Mike to discuss attending this year's event, as well as past Gallifrey One's and US Doctor Who conventions in general. Along the way they talk guests, cosplaying, merchandise, panels, representation, a rave where no one dances and vomiting before meeting a personal hero.

We hope you like it.


2.2 The Doctor Who Show (February 26, 2017)

February 26, 2017

David Kitchen's back! Well, if you heard our '21 Replacements For 12' episode on February 1, you'd know that, but this is the first time in 2017 that Rob sits down to discuss Doctor Who with Dave on the flagship edition of the show.

During today's episode, they cover:

– Listener emails from John Hole and 'Kazza' which cover Children of the Dogstar; Chocky; casting a female Doctor; and whether Rob and Dave are 50th Anniversary deniers.

- Errors Department: paper with the corners cut off to make it look futuristic is a Battlestar Galactica thing, not a Babylon 5 thing. Rob's mistake.

- What Doctor Who music has stood out for you, and why? Nu Who or classic series, we want to hear it all from you. No pun intended. Email us -- -- or tell us on our Facebook or Twitter.

- Doctor Who Series 10: we have a release date; Missy's return and will this be her final hurrah?; the Ice Warriors return with an all-new version but will this be a great or dodgy Gatiss episode; Dave's Pearl Mackie conspiracy theory.

- Doctor Who Series 11: production has been pushed back, so we won't see it in April of 2018 as many had been expecting after we 'reset the clock' this year.

- Doctor Who news: Vale, John Hurt; Big Finish sale perhaps prefaces the retirement of CDs 51 - 125 as physical media and Big Finish chat in general - what are Rob and Dave buying and why?; the essay book Hating to Love (which we interviewed JR Southall about on an earlier episode), has been released - and Dave and Rob each have a copy; future Watching Books releases.

- Dave's adventures in the UK: meeting the Blue Box Podcast & Diddly Dum podcast crews; are podcasts replacing Doctor Who clubs in the modern day?; visiting Doctor Who locations in the UK.

- Totally Tasteless: The Life of John Nathan-Turner by Richard Marson.

- What are we watching beyond Doctor Who? Dave cites The Goldbergs and Riverdale while Rob opts for the Santa Clarita Diet.

- Some more quick thoughts on Series 10 of Doctor Who before we go.


TARDIS Library 008

February 19, 2017

00:00 – Intro by Rob @theDWshow

01:36 – Day of the Daleks (BBC Audio) by Jim @KrynoidPodCast

10:07 – 11th Doctor 3.2 (Titan Comics) by Lex @lexerness

17:08 – 10th Doctor 3.1 (Titan Comics) by Jeremy @DoctorWhoP2P

24:51 – Outro by Rob @theDWshow


TARDIS Library 007

February 12, 2017

00:00 – Intro by Rob @theDWshow

00:35 – 11th Doctor 3.1 (Titan Comics) by Lex @lexerness

07:05 – 12th Doctor 2.12 (Titan Comics), Torchwood Tales (BBC Audio), 12th Doctor 2.13 (Titan Comics) by Kevin @livewire1221

28:07 - Outro by Rob @theDWshow


Letter Lords – DWM #508 FEBRUARY 2017

February 9, 2017

Jim Cameron of the KRYNOID PODCAST and Bob Fleming of the PROGTOR WHO podcast are the Letter Lords.

In this monthly spot on the Doctor Who Show podcast feed, the Letter Lords discuss themes and topics arising from the letters sent to Doctor Who Magazine and sometimes dig into the contents of the magazine itself.

Whether you read DWM or not, the Letter Lords is a must-listen podcast each month.

Find the Letter Lords on Twitter:

Jim – @KrynoidPodCast
Bob – @BoFleming

And you can email them, too:


Whotiques Roadshow – 1970s Weetabix and Typhoo giveaways

February 5, 2017

Regular listeners to the Doctor Who Show will know Doc Whom as a guest co-host (see #11, November 27, 2016) and may also hear him fortnightly on the Diddly Dum podcast. He also took part in one of the longest ever chats on our previous podcast, Who Wars (see #25, March 8, 2015).

Doc talks to Rob about three Doctor Who promotional offers from the 1970s relating to the Weetabix and Typhoo brands. How did these go down in the school yard? What was Doc's favourite? And what is the statute of limitations when it comes to offers of free Daleks?

As always, you can let us know your thoughts at:


21 Replacements For 12 (The DW Show Presents: The Next Doctor)

February 1, 2017

Dave's been back in Australia for less than 12 hours after his UK journey, but already the Melbourne-Sydney Skype line is running hot as he discusses his picks for the 13th Doctor with Rob. All up they discuss 21 potential new Doctors. Some serious, some not. Some male, some female. From the bookie's favourite to some names you've likely never heard suggested for the role before, there's something for everyone in this quick-fire episode. We hope you like it.


2.1 The Doctor Who Show (January 29, 2017)

January 29, 2017

Rob discusses Doctor Who with super-sub Paul Scoones (author, The Comic Strip Companion), filling in for David while he's away in the United Kingdom.

Along the way, they cover:

- Listener emails from JR Southall and Richard Nolan

- "Alternative facts" and a quote from 1977 Doctor Who

- 18 years since Paul helped find The Lion episode of The Crusade

- Power of the Daleks; discussion of the animated story and colour version

- Discussion of the omni-rumour and missing episodes in general

- Doctor Who comics - lengthy discussion following DWM reprint of a 1970s strip

- Doctor Who Magazine 508 - The 70s issue including Terrance Dicks and Katy Manning

- Happy 83rd birthday to Tom Baker!

- Star Wars: The Last Jedi, discussion of the title and Star Wars in general

- Star Wars: Rebels Blu-ray rant and discussion of retail pricing in NZ

- Part two of Richard Nolan's email and discussion of his top five TV series: 1) Gigantor. 2) Battle of the Planets. 3) Monkey. 4) Sweet and Sour. 5) The Young Ones.

- Paul raises Under the Mountain, a 1979 children's book by NZ writer Maurice Gee, adapted into a 1981 television miniseries and a 2009 film. Rob remembers the miniseries warmly from childhood and shares an anecdote about doing a book report on it.

- Do hang around after the credits, won't you?

And, as always, you can reach the team at:



TARDIS Library 006

January 26, 2017

00:00 – Intro by Rob @theDWshow

01:26 – The Star Men (Big Finish) & Tom Baker at 80 (Big Finish) by Mike @MASolko

13:09 – 3rd Doctor #4 (Titan Comics) & Outro by Rob @theDWshow


JR Southall talks Hating to Love

January 21, 2017

Rob chats to JR Southall about the new Doctor Who essay book, Hating to Love. What's it all about? Tune in and find out...

Buy the book from:

And, as always, you can write to us:

Are the worst Doctor Who stories really as bad as their reputations suggest they are?

It's time to don your breathing apparatus, roll up your sleeves and join a team of ten intrepid - and slightly irrational - authors, as they head to the bottom of the barrel in a quest to uncover the worst the series has to offer, and to find out if those apples really are as rotten as they're painted.

On the way, we'll meet the paving slab with the inappropriate love life, the pantomime horse that leaked green stuff all over Janet Fielding's dress, and the Dalek mutant with the phallic mane...

Edited by J.R. Southall with Jon Arnold, Matt Barber, Christopher Bryant, Michael S. Collins, John Davies, Tony Green, Jim Hall, Brendan Jones, and Beth Ward.


Letter Lords – DWM #507 JANUARY 2017

January 11, 2017

Jim Cameron of the KRYNOID PODCAST and Bob Fleming of the PROGTOR WHO podcast are the Letter Lords.

In this monthly spot on the Doctor Who Show podcast feed, the Letter Lords discuss themes and topics arising from the letters sent to Doctor Who Magazine and sometimes dig into the contents of the magazine itself.

Whether you read DWM or not, the Letter Lords is a must-listen podcast each month.

Find the Letter Lords on Twitter:

Jim – @KrynoidPodCast
Bob – @BoFleming

And you can email them, too:


Doctor Who A-Z – Part 11: K

January 10, 2017

Iain Martin returns with a new instalment of the irreverent Doctor Who A-Z. This time it's "K" and Iain covers:

Kandyman, The
Keeper of Traken, The
Keeper of Tranmere, The
Kill the Moon
Krotons, The

NB: The Doctor Who A-Z episodes from A-H aren’t standalone episodes like this one and can be found in the Doctor Who Show, episodes 1.1 to 1.9.


TARDIS Library 005

January 1, 2017

00:00 – Intro & the Doctor Who Annual 2017 by Rob @theDWshow

10:40 – Order of the Daleks (Big Finish) & The Unknown from The Diary of River Song Series 2 (Big Finish) by Mike @MASolko

22:02 – 12th Doctor, Year 2, #11 (Titan Comics) & Supremacy of the Cybermen #5 (Titan Comics) by Kevin @livewire1221

33:10 – Class: Joyride & Outro by Rob @theDWshow


1.12 The Doctor Who Show (December 26, 2016)

December 26, 2016

Rob and Dave normally discuss the past month in Doctor Who, but with this being a quieter month and the holiday season to boot, they mix up the formula a little.

Along the way, they cover:

– Listener feedback on Captain Mike Yates' appearance in Star Wars: Rogue One (as discussed on their Rogue One episode).

- Doctor Who merchandise including reprints of 1960s novels, Eaglemoss figurines, Robert Harrop figurines, and wargaming sets from Warlord Games.

- The Return of Doctor Mysterio, the first new episode of Doctor Who in 12 months. What did the guys think? Thumbs up or down?

- Top TV shows from childhood and why, including: Astro Boy, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, The Mysterious Cities of Gold, Monkey, Odysseus: The Greatest Hero of Them All, The Goodies, Press Gang, Star Blazers, Spellbinder, and Robotech.

And, as always, you can reach the team at:


Whotiques Roadshow – Planet of the Daleks (Target novelisation)

December 22, 2016

If you follow Rob Lloyd on Twitter you'll know his profile runs: Actor. Comedian. Hufflepuff. TimeLord. Problem Solver.

One thing it doesn't mention is podcaster and with the recent launch of the excellent Nerd Out podcast, Rob takes the opportunity to sit down with Rob and asks him to choose an item from his Doctor Who collection for the Whotiques Roadshow. Rob selects the Target novelisation of Planet of the Daleks. This leads the two on a discussion of the story itself, the Pertwee era, Rob's appreciation for Pertwee as a comedian with a desire to act and the Target novels in general. A lot of ground is covered during this half an hour.